Waiting Game | BURBANK, CA: Shoppers lined up for Black Friday. (Photo: Jae C. Hong | AP)

I've Spent Two Months Screaming Into these Turtle Beach PX3 Headphones

A couple of months ago, a box arrived from headphone specialists Turtle Beach containing a set of PX3 headphones. Just in time for my family to go overseas and talk to me for a month on Skype, and just in time for Battlefield 3, where I'd want my friends to hear me scream as I flew a helicopter... More »

Watch Massive, Epic Skyrim Battles Like You've Never Seen Before

Remember the Dragon spawning exploit in Skyrim? The one that allows you, oh I dunno, to spawn fifty dragons? YouTube user Colloseus X figured out that you can flip off the A.I., spawn large groups of characters, then flip the A.I. More »

Duck Mouths and the Ladies Who Love Them

Seventeen-year-old Mana wasn't in school. Heck, she wasn't even in her school uniform. Wearing a white bikini, the student-by-day, idol-by-night took the stage earlier this month at the Sofmap in Tokyo's geek district, Akihabara. More »

The Thing About American Accents In Video Games

American accents are everywhere in video games. Even when something is developed in Canada, or Britain, or Japan, the principal characters usually speak with one kind of American accent or another. More »

Skyrim is Teaching Your Kids "Homo Erotic Sex Maneuvers"

You may look at Skyrim through the lens of a person who likes video games. Or as someone with an interest in fantasy, or Nordic mythology, or even the structure of game design. More »

What if Grand Theft Auto V was In Liberty City?

Using the wonders of the personal computer, the team at GTAVTV went out and recreated the Grand Theft Auto V trailer, shot-for-shot, only instead of being set in Los Santos it's in GTAIV's Liberty City. More »

The Fastest Way to Melt Skyrim? A Room Full of Swords and a Shout.

YouTube user juicythezombie likes to hoard stuff in Skyrim. Unlike the junk collector we've seen previously, though, he only stashes weapons. Then tries to break his PC by using a shout on them.
That stuttering in the clip above isn't your flash player acting up. More »

Up-Close with the Sexiest 3DS There Is

The Legend of Zelda has its own 3DS. It looks fantastic. And it's not only the press photos that look great, but the actual hardware. It looks lovely unboxed on some dude's desk. More »

This Skyrim Pianist Not Only Plays, She Cosplays!

You might remember Lara from this previous Kotaku post, featuring a beautiful rendition of the Skyrim theme. That, dear reader, is only the tip of the music iceberg. More »

Finally, Someone Talks Common Sense About PC Piracy

Ubisoft has no idea on the topic of piracy and the PC market. None. It must be embarrassing for lower-downs at the company who do have an idea to have to listen to people like Stanislas Mettra open their mouths.
Thankfully, not everybody in the industry shares that stance. More »

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