Ugly Christmas Sweater T-Shirt? | This Threadless shirt was inspired by "bad sweater Christmas parties," we're told.

These Are A Few of My Favorite 2011 Games

With the holidays rounding the bend and the big shopping season about to kick off, now's a great time to start thinking about what to buy that gamer in your life, be they casual, hardcore or even a once-a-year player.
Here's a quick guide to this year's bumper crop of video games. More »

Shigeru Miyamoto Was Right. Zelda is 50-100 Hours Long*

Back in September, Nintendo's top game creator, Shigeru Miyamoto, thrilled fans and intimidated busy people by claiming that the the new Zelda, the Legend of Zelda: More »

Will You Keep Playing Skyrim After the Main Story Ends?

Bethesda's filled the province of Skyrim with enough side quests and random missions to keep adventurers adventuring for months, but commenter Bennythegamerguy found that the end of the main storyline signaled the end of his play time. More »

Max Payne 3's Collector's Edition Runs $100, Includes Twin-Gun Wielding, Suit Wearing Payne

May Payne 3's Collector's Edition is so limited that you're going to have less than two months to pre-order it.
Rockstar today rolled out the details of a $99.99/£99.99/€109.99 collector's edition of Max Payne 3. More »

Assassin's Creed: Revelations: The Kotaku Review

What do you want out of a video game? What should you hold against a video game, and what should you let slide?
One more question: Do your answers change if we're talking about a sequel? More »

Jak and Daxter Collection Resurrects the PlayStation's Second-Best Platforming Team

Some of my fondest memories of the PlayStation 2 era involve a pair of wacky mascot characters participating in some of the greatest gamers had ever seen. More »

Just How CPU-Melting is Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Played at MAX Settings?

The fifth installment in Bethesda's long-running Elder Scrolls series took the industry by storm last Friday, earning an impressive aggregated review score of 95/100.
Based on early estimates, Skyrim has shipped seven million copies worldwide across all platforms, including digital stores such as... More »

This Dude Banks a Knife Off a Helicopter in Modern Warfare 3, And So it Begins

People have been landing insanely improbable kills in Call of Duty for years now, but of all the videos I have seen, this one is the craziest. The knife literally banks of a helicopter, then falls onto the soldier underneath it. More »

Did Prince Harry Attend Minecraft's DeadMau5 Vegas Party?

Britain's Prince Harry may have found himself at Saturday night's raging MineCraft party, the wrap-up blow-out featuring Deadmau5 playing at Wynn Hotel's XS night club.
The Las Vegas Sun's Robin Leach reports that Harry and his entourage were spotted rolling out of the XS at 4 a.m. More »

World of Warcraft 'Law Enforcement Guide' Supposedly Reveals What Blizzard Would Tell the Cops about You

As of mid-2009, the creators of World of Warcraft were retaining the IP histories of its users indefinitely and was drawing the lines about what information about its players that it would-or could-reveal to law enforcement personnel, according to a document released on Friday.
The ins... More »

Gamer Husband: Free To A Good Home

A frustrated Utah woman listed her Call of Duty-playing husband on her local Craigslist as free to a good home, "if acceptable replacement is offered will trade."
"I am selling my 22 year old husband. More »

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