National Taiwan University is the country's most prestigious institute of higher learning. The country's first Nobel prize laureate is an alum. It's where the best of the best get educated.

And four times a year, the elite university is crawling with cosplayers.

The two-day Petite Fancy expo attracts over 40,000 visitors, keen to check out a plethora of anime goods on sale at the show. And where there are anime goods, there are anime nerds. And where there are anime nerds, there are cosplayers.

Where there are cosplayers, there are photo galleries like this.

This year, a trio of well-known Japanese cosplayers—Necoco, Pude, and Ushijima Good Meat—put in an appearance, joining the numerous Taiwanese cospalyers.

Check out the photos in the gallery, taken by Japanese cosplay blog Asagawo.

Click in the photo's lower corner to view the images at full size.

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JAPAN Cosplayer, 発熱再び&イベントの様子, その1-, その2-, その3-, その4-, その5-, その6-, その7-, その8- [アサガヲBlog]

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