National treasure Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones, Star Wars, your childhood) has popped up in an unlikely place: A Japanese television commercial for Uncharted 3.

Since nobody wants to play Sega with Harrison Ford, it's about time he had a go at something others do want to play. Since the 69-year-old is famous for playing Indiana Jones and since films are a source of inspiration for the treasure-hunting Uncharted games, Ford is an obvious, though somewhat surprising choice. Surprising, because he actually agreed to appear in the campaign.

In the commercial, the camera focuses on Ford as he grimaces and plays. It looks like he's acting how he'd think someone games.

In the behind-the-scenes clips, Ford played through the game in an extended clip and said he was impressed how realistic the graphics were. In another clip, Ford appeared far more relaxed and natural—probably because he wasn't acting.

"I think it is very exciting," Ford said while making the commercial. "I have not seen a game anything like this."


The actor was dazzled by the game, noting how exciting it was. "There's so much more action in here than there is normally in a movie," Ford said. "It's so much more concentrated here."

The making-of footage, viewable only in Japan on the game's official site, is far more natural that what ended up in the commercial. Ford actually looked like he was getting into the game—once he finished gushing about how realistic it was.

"It's very much like being in the movie for me," said Ford. "Except in the movie, I always win. In the game, sometimes, I don't win."


This ad doesn't appear to be a one off thing. In the making-of clip, Ford is shown being filmed as he plays the PS Vita. No doubt, he will appear in the commercial for the upcoming Vita Uncharted title.

A Japanese morning show, Mezamashi TV, did a feature on Ford's appearance this morning. Click through the gallery to see stills, as well as Ford writing "Great" or "Fantastic" in Japanese calligraphy.

Update: The commercial and making-of footage are now online. View them here.

(Top photo: めざましTV | フジテレビ)

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