Half-Shell | NEW YORK: In 2007, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles visited the Empire State Building. (Photo: Marion Curtis | AP Photo/Warner Bros.)

There Are No Music Games. There Are Only Rhythm Ones.

PaRappa the Rapper designer Masaya Matsuura has been called the father of music games. Thing is, he doesn't believe there are music games.
"Strictly speaking I do not believe that 'Music Games' as a genre really exists yet," Matsuura recently told Kotaku. More »

Mario Kart 7 Screens Pull Up. Throw Turtle Shells.

This December, Mario Kart 7, which is actually the ninth Mario Kart, pulls off the line.
Mario Kart 7 features a new first-person mode, hang gliders, and new weapons. More »

In Which Your Favourite Video Games Become Beautiful Cartoons

Artist Gobeur has a neat calling card: she takes video games, sometimes gritty, sometimes less gritty, and makes images in which it looks like there's an expensive cartoon based on them. More »

Stupid-Looking 3DS Slide Pad Gets a Monster Box

Nintendo's dumb-looking and uncomfortable 3DS Slide Pad will be sold separately as well as bundled with Monster Hunter 3 (-tri) G.
Nintendo is releasing two Monster Hunter 3 (-tri) G bundles in Japan. More »

Don't Expect Red Dead Redemption to Ever Come Out On PC

Here is a list of Rockstar games from the past decade that have been, or are about to be, released on PC:
More »

The 3DS Now Comes In a Lovely Shade of White

Nintendo handheld colour change alert: come November 3, Japanese customers will be able to buy a 3DS in a shade called "Ice White".
It looks, pardon my French, shit hot. More »

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