The BRIC group of nations - that's Brazil, Russia, India and China - have never looked cuter than in this pixel art. | by Dave Wilson

Dark Souls: My First 24 Hours in Hell

I'm now 24 hours into Dark Souls, the successor to 2009's brilliant and challenging role-playing game Demon's Souls. I have, of course, died many times in my struggle to become un-undead. More »

Valve Wants to Release DotA 2's Beta "as Fast as we can"

How very unlike Valve. In a post on the game's official blog, DotA 2 developers say that while they had planned to keep testing the game for another year or so in a very private beta, they now want to "get it out there as fast as we can".
"Our original plan was to spend the next year or so in beta,... More »

Sniper Voice Actor's Book Picks Up Plugs from Team Fortress 2 "Reviewers"

You may not be familiar with the name "John Patrick Lowrie." You probably are familiar with the name "Sniper," whom Lowrie voices in Team Fortress 2. He's just published the novel Dancing With Eternity and, well, his friends are giving it some kind reviews on Amazon.
Heavy gave it five of five... More »

It's the end of the World as This Game Knew it (and Nobody Felt Fine)

Our younger readers won't have lived through it, but the 1980s were in in many ways a bleak time, the spectre of nuclear holocaust hanging over the world for much of the decade.
For such a dominant political topic, however, few games chose to address the subject head-on. More »

Deus Ex Mod Removes "Gold" Filter, Game Suddenly Looks Even Better

Deus Ex: Human Revolution's "gold" filter may be a visual trademark, but it also affects the way you see the game world. A new mod for the PC version removes this (and makes a few other changes), and boy, do things look different.
The ENBSeries mod for the game, made by the same community More »

We may Never Play the Aliens RPG, but we can Look at its Concept Art

There once was a time Obsidian was making an RPG based on the Aliens universe. That game has since been cancelled, but today we're looking at some art done for the project by Charles Lee.
We'll also be looking at some of his other stuff, as he's also recently been involved in the production of... More »

Remember, Electronic Arts Won't let you Sue Them, Either

While Sony's new "don't sue us" terms of service are terrible, let's not focus just on Sony. Other companies are now free to do the same thing.
One example: More »

Don't Blame Team Ninja for Metroid: Other M's Story

The latest Metroid game, Other M, took some...liberties with the universe's story, and what it did to hero Samus in particular didn't go down too well. More »

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