Shooting your own mucus at phlegm-hungry monsters? Destroying ice sculptures with multicolored bombs? Attacking a dolphin-headed mad scientist from the inside? It's definitely time for this week's Gaming App of the Day round-up.

It was a week filled with the sort of touchy-feely games you'll only find on today's advanced mobile gaming devices, otherwise known as tablets and phones. That is with the exception of Shift II Unleashed, though I doubt you'll find that one on many console gamers' shelves either.


If you have a suggestion for an app for the iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone 7 that you'd like to see highlighted, let us know.

Simple Physics and Jet-Age Design Get You Home in The Marbians

A physics-based puzzle grading you out on a scale of one to three, by now, might be not a genre but a cliche in mobile gaming, But there are still concepts out there that can keep it fresh and one of them is The Marbians, a cheerfully dressed app for iOS and Android devices that conjures thoughts of nifty billiard trick shots. More »

Gesundheit! Blew My Pants Off. With Snot.

It ain't easy being green, and it's harder being a green, mucus filled piggy. Your fellow pigs want nothing to do with you. But when monsters invade your homeland, it's up to you (and your nose) to save the day. More »

An Angry Birds Alternative for those who Would Prefer to Aim Up

I've only needed to play 14 levels of Amazing Breaker to tell you it is worth your 99 cents. I've only needed to use the game's slingshot to launch helicopter bombs onto a massive glass mug of beer to know that playing this game is a proper way to use an iPhone. More »

Shift 2 Unleashed is a Demanding Driver's Ed Class

Learning to drive a stick shift on my mother's BMW 325 was one of the most maddening experiences in a teenage life full of them. I just could not figure out what the hell that thing's clutch wanted out of me. It defied all verbal instruction. It was a car of undeniable quality, and a bad one to learn on. I feel the same way about Electronic Arts' Shift 2 Unleashed on the iPhone. More »

Tentacles Can Invade My Pleasure Centers Anytime

See those adorable little pink blobs floating on the right side of the screenshot above? They're about to have their eyeballs torn out and eaten. Just one of the many reasons Tentacles is the best Windows Phone 7 game I've played so far. More »