Tera Firma | TOKYO, JAPAN: Cosplay show at a recent Tera event. (Photo: アキバブログ)

Borderlands 2 Is Official. Borderlands 2 Is Coming. Post-apocalyptic shooter Borderlands is getting a sequel. It's called Borderlands 2.

The Sweeping Video Game Art of Nicolas Bouvier Frenchman Nicolas Bouvier has been drawing pretty pictures for the video game industry since 1996, in a career that's taken him from Darkworks (Cold Fear) to Ubisoft to id Software and now to Microsoft, where he's working on the upcoming Halo 4.

Is World of Warcraft Taking Giant Man-Pandas a Little More Seriously? With Blizzcon only a few months away, a trademark filing has surfaced hinting at what could be one of the last big hurrahs for the ageing MMO.

This Is the Coolest Stuff Nintendo Has Ever Made You can say a lot of nice things about Nintendo games. Nintendo hardware, too. Wildly successful, iconic and timeless are just three of them. But how often can you say something Nintendo made was genuinely cool?

Inside Cosplay Photography Events (And a Fancy Shinjuku Apartment) For years, armchair photographers have made do with crappy convention center backdrops while taking cosplay photos. That's changing.

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