AERIS GETS HIT WITH A GREEN SHELL - A fake logo for a late 2011 3DS game. (Hand-crafted by Kotaku reader NoGood56er)

3DS In Crisis, Nintendo Must Execute a Drastic Plan B

The historic price drop of the 3DS announced overnight by Nintendo is a transparent acknowledgement by the most successful company to ever make video games that it is struggling.
Nintendo cut the price of its flagship gaming handheld by an extraordinary 32%, while making some dramatic turns. More »

How Unusual Was The 3DS Price Cut?

Many people in the gaming community were taken aback by Nintendo's announcement last night that the 3DS would be dropping price from $250 to $170 only five months after its initial launch in America and after fewer than 900,000 units have sold in the U.S. More »

Mario Kart 7 is the Ninth Mario Kart

We learned the name of the new Mario Kart today. And it's...(pause for effect)...Mario Kart 7.
But there have been, in fact, nine Mario Kart games- come along, count with us— More »

Battlefield 3 Isn't Competing With Modern Warfare 3, But it Still Wants to Win

The way I see it, Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 aren't really competitors. They're just two modern shooters that happen to be coming out two weeks apart from each other.
When I suggest this to Kevin O'Leary, brand manager for Battlefield 3, he's quick to agree. More »

The New York Yankees of First-Person Shooters Welcomes the Negative Feedback

I couldn't get Robert Bowling to use the words Battlefield 3 in a sentence.
He's an Infinity Ward guy, which means he's a Call of Duty and Modern Warfare guy. More »

Why I'm No Fan of Stripgamer

The Date-a-Gamer website GameCrush is supposed to be about friendly gaming with sexy singles. However, it's new companion site Stripgamer doesn't bother even trying for innocence.
Stripgamer is a new service created by Whamspot, the same people who created and own the GameCrush site. More »

Magic: The Gathering Creator's New Kard Combat Won't Kill Your Wallet

As the father of Magic: The Gathering, Richard Garfield is the man responsible for countless crazed gamers spending their savings on tiny bits of colorful card stock. More »

What is Japan's Fetish This Week? S&M

Games of leather and rubber. Not video games, but real games with impossible heels and spankings. Those might be the trappings of S&M, but in Japan, S&M isn't only about trappings or artifice. More »

How to Join Kotaku's Next, Civilized Game Club

Welcome everyone to the next edition of the Kotaku Game Club. We're going to do a little experiment this month, playing CivWorld, the sophisticated social version of Sid Meier's Civilization. In case you're new to the group, our mission is to play video games together as a group, discussing the... More »

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