Just Don't Feed It After Midnight - Jessica Chobot, G4 and IGN host, threatens to start a Gremlin apocalypse at Comic-Con. (Photograph by @Juster )

Creativity and Community Drive Dream Track Nation Towards Greatness

A charming little stunt racing game with a slick cartoon style, Dream Track Nation's track creation and sharing community is where Chillingo's latest laps the competition. More »

Two More Shots of Modern Warfare 3 Emerge

It looks like, if Google Translate can be believed, that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 got a recent outing in Munich, giving press there a chance to go hands on with the game, and releasing two new screenshots from the game.
The presentation involved checking out the game presented on a 65-inch... More »

Kinect Makes This Music Video Sing

There are no post-production effects added to this video, everything, happening on singer Olga Bell's face is happening in real-time, we're told.
How did they do it? More »

Why Root for the Chimera in Resistance 3?

In today's Speak Up on Kotaku, commenter Armstrongjx4 expresses his desire to see humanity fall to the Chimera in Resistance 3. Why? Because we expect to win. More »

Poor Americans are Gamers, Too

In case you didn't know, there are poor gamers.
Conservative think tank The Heritage Foundation has published a report on what it means to be poor in America today. More »

How Video Games Changed Me

With hairpins jabbing into my brain, an assistant director yelling "Hold the noise!" and a vegan Rice Krispie Treat sitting on the edge of my keyboard that may have actually been a prop, I'm writing this from the set of an independent film—a project that never would have found me if it hadn't... More »

Wesley Snipes' iPhone Game Getting Released Much Earlier Than Wesley Snipes

Veteran action hero Wesley Snipes isn't getting out of prison until July 2013. I guess he's just not as slick as his alter-ego, economic hitman Julius Styles, who's getting released into the custody of the iTunes App Store next month. More »

The Captain America Video Game is Better Than It Should Be

Not only is the Captain America movie better than it should have been (or so I read), but the Captain America: Super Soldier video game, released in conjunction with the movie this week, is better than we usually get from super-hero movie games.
I wish I could say it's as good as the last Batman... More »

Bulletstorm Didn't Make Money, But it Was Worth It

Mike Capps, president of Gears of War development studio, doesn't regret Bulletstorm. That game got a lot of hype—and some extraordinarily odd press coverage—when it was released earlier this year. More »

Obama Kicks Drug-Dealer Ass In This Video Game

From what I've played of Call of Juarez: The Cartel it appears to be just as bad as everyone worried it would. The game is packed with tiny glitches, odd AI behavior and questionable graphics. More »

Meet Middle-aged Ivy and Soulcalibur V's Two All-New Fighters

To answer the question "What will a middle-aged Ivy look like in Soulcalibur V?" Namco Bandai has responded with a still youthful looking Ivy, now dressed more modestly. More »

The New Marvel uDraw Game is a Preview of our Wii U Future

Ever since I played the Wii U last month at E3, I've been running through my memories of the surprisingly abundant Wii U-ish experiences I've had with other gaming hardware, some of which I've written about.
It's happened again.
Last week, I got an early look at—get this—the new Marvel... More »

The Walking Dead Season 2 Ditches Atlanta and Perhaps Hope

In case you forgot why you were so anxious to continue watching The Walking Dead when it ended last season, here's a stark, brutal reminder.
Don't worry, you only have to hold your breath until October. More »

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