Mavericky | DALLAS, TEXAS: The skyline of downtown Dallas. (Photo: Mike Ehrmann | Getty)

Are China's Days of Cockblocking Console Makers Numbered? Game consoles are made in China. But they cannot be legally sold in China. Game consoles are banned. This year, Lenovo is launching a game console in China. Funny, that.

The Fantastic Character Art of Akihiko Yoshida Long before golfer Tiger Woods thought it'd be a good idea to go sticking his dick in anything with a hole and a pulse, his video game franchise was embroiled in a scandal of a different kind.

Like Shenmue ? You Must Visit This Cafe. Masaya Matsukaze has an impressive resume. He's voiced Teru in Death Note, Morty in Pokémon and Blues in Mega Man NT Warrior. But that's not his most famous role.

The Fantastic Character Art of Akihiko Yoshida Akihiko Yoshida has been at Final Fantasy developers Square Enix since 1995, when he joined Squaresoft, one of the companies (along with Enix) that merged to create the RPG powerhouse.

A Man Did Not Make This Beautiful World. A Computer Did. Procedurally-generated worlds, in which the computer is able to randomly design an entire area on the fly, are the future of game development.

I'm from Dallas, Texas! I don't have a Texas accent, but I kind of wish I did. Where are you from, reader person? –Brian Ashcraft

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