COVERD LAGOON | JAPAN: As an earthquake rocked Japan on Monday, television broadcasts were interrupted, including this broadcast of au naturel flick, The Blue Lagoon. (Photo by 2ch)

Is Japan Ready To Stop Ignoring Dr Pepper? For years, Dr Pepper was never popular in Japan. If Japanese people wanted to drink cola, they'd have a Coke or maybe even a Pepsi. The Texas-born soft drink never caught on. But decades after going on sale in Japan, that's starting to change.

Nintendo's Next Three Months Of Gaming Look Like This It's April. Spring! And Nintendo has a list of what games are hitting its platforms (the Wii, the DS and the 3DS) for the next three months of April, May and June.

This Little Girl Will Break Your Heart Across northeastern Japan, men, women and children that were displaced by the Tohoku Earthquake are taking shelter in refuge centers. Adults might want warm baths and cigarettes, but, according to reports, little kids want video games.

Scott Pilgrim Certainly Knows His Street Fighter Scott Pilgrim, a comic series never afraid to wear its gaming love on its sleeve, goes the Street Fighter Alpha 2 route for volume 5 & 6's release in Japan.

Fan-Made Streets Of Rage Remake Pulled After Request From Sega Streets of Rage Remake, the exhaustive, fan-made homage to the classic Sega Genesis beat 'em up series, looks to have finally gotten the attention of Sega. The creators of that freely distributed Streets of Rage title have pulled the game after a request from Sega.

Spent the morning looking for baseball bats. I wanted to buy a wooden baseball bat a while back, but never got around to it. Must keep the dream alive! –Brian Ashcraft

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