Not everyone can stomach 3D like a pro. Some gamers might feel dizzy or even ill. According to British tabloid The Sun (yeah, I know), "HUNDREDS of furious gamers have slammed Nintendo's new 3DS console - for making them feel ill."

Nintendo's UK office is denying this, reports website MCV. "We've had zero calls on this issue in both the UK and across Europe since Nintendo 3DS launch," a Nintendo spokesperson told MCV. "It seems to have arisen from a few tweets and comments following the US launch this week."


Nintendo once again stressed that the 3D effect can be turned down - or even completely off. Nothing's being forced down anyone's throat! If you can't take the 3D effect, switch if off. I haven't played anything in 3D for weeks, and I've been enjoying my 3DS just fine.

'Zero calls' about 3DS dizziness at Nintendo UK [MCVUK] [Pic: Getty]