We checked out one pricey Final Fantasy game, a neat GameBoy camera emulator, discovered a game that reminded us of Final Fantasy Tactics, X-Com and Shining Force, flicked footballs and played a PC MMO on an Android tablet.

It was a week of Gaming Apps that saw the start of an examination of games not just on the Apple iOS. Here's a run down of all of the games we played on our iPhones, iPads and Android (Don't worry we're keeping an eye on the Windows Phone 7 too).


If you have a suggestion for an app for the iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone 7 that you'd like to see highlighted, let us know.

Flick Football Takes to the Air with Pocket Passer

Full-scale, console-style football has been a technical success on the iPhone but many, myself among them, find it prohibitively complex for such a small screen, using multitouch. Other developers have found stronger success breaking the game down to singular acts. To Backbreaker's Tackle Alley, a running game, we can now add Pocket Passer for all iOS devices, by Big Toe Productions. More »

Hunters Is Strategy Brewed Especially For The iPhone

Final Fantasy Tactics. X-Com. Shining Force. All games that do turn-based strategy very well. If you have an iPhone or iPad, add Hunters to that list. More »

Final Fantasy III Is The Best And Most Expensive Final Fantasy On The iPhone

Square Enix has finally made the third game in the Final Fantasy series available on the iPhone, and it's pretty damn good. Is it $15.99 worth of good? More »

Vendetta Online Offers a Glimpse of What a Portable Eve Online Could Be

This is no Eve Online, nor is it meant to be. It's Vendetta Online, a 7-year-long space massively multiplayer online game now playable on Android tablets. More »

The Drill Plus is a Little Bit of Fun

The premise of The Drill Plus, a top down, uh, drill-em-up, is your scrawny hero transforms into a drill in times of need, in this case, an invasion of monsters who look like they came from a Frankenberry commercial. This is like Beck lyrics. Actual words strung together in a grammatically correct fashion that make no sense, but seem to have a cool meaning behind them. More »

8-bit Pocket Camera Turns Your iPhone Into A Game Boy Camera

Resolution of your iPhone camera got you down? Are HDR photographs just too dynamic for you? With the lo-fi magic of the 8-bit Pocket Camera app, you can make your iPhone's photographic capabilities look a good 13-years-old, emulating the qualities of Nintendo's Game Boy Camera. More »