Five families in the Boston area agreed to ditch their cable TV connection for a week and use an XBox 360, Apple TV, or similar device instead. Stories like this usually involve relieved, money-saving people. Not this one.

The idea is that a person could avoid paying a cable TV bill by using a gaming console or some other non-cable-box for streaming Netflix, on-demand movie downloads and more.

Things didn't go well in this cable-cutting experiment in Boston.

We've got the mom who wants to turn on Dora the Explorer for her daughter but winds up with Dora The Murderer.

We've got the husband who laments that "they're trying to make [watching TV] into an active thing where you pick want you want to watch." The man just wants to relax.


The one-week experiment was compiled by advertising and research firm Hill Holiday. They could run this as an ad for cable companies.

At least the lady who swapped her cable box for an Xbox seemed less unhappy than the families that were stuck with Google TV, Apple TV, Boxee Box, and Roku.

Experiment In Cord Cutting [Hill Holiday on Vimeo]