The next planet to be revealed for BioWare's Knights of the Old Republic is Ilum, the hotly-contested home of the crystals that give lightsabers their pretty colors.

The caverns of Ilum are home to crystals of wondrous power. Specifically the power to make your lightsaber purple. For ages young Jedi would make pilgrimages to the icy planet to harvest Adegan crystals for their lightsabers. It was a sort of rite of passage.

With such power nesting in its bowels, one can imagine the Sith Empire is extremely interested in Ilum. Just before the time of The Old Republic, the Sith mounted a major attack on the planet, destroying many of the Jedi camps that had been established there over the years.


Players will be able to join the battle between the Sith and the Republic on the surface of Ilum once Star Wars: The Old Republic launches next year.

Just watch out for the yellow crystals.

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