Rock Band 3 makes playing guitar almost like the real thing, thanks to the game's "Pro Mode" option, which tracks each strum note for note. Going Pro in Harmonix's next big music game will cost players a premium.

MTV Games' Paul DeGooyer tells IGN that, while the "typical stand-alone song" that players can download and add to their Rock Band library costs $1.99 USD, songs with Pro Mode note charting will be a little bit more.

"If you wanted to buy Pro Mode for guitar on top of that dollar ninety-nine, it would cost a buck, DeGooyer says. "So it's not going to be five bucks or anything. We think it's a really fair price. The alternative would be of course to include it (in the regular download) and up the price for everybody, which I don't think is really fair."

Of course, players who want to flirt with Pro Mode will be paying a premium regardless, as the Rock Band 3 controllers that are compatible with that difficulty setting aren't cheap. The 102-button Rock Band 3 Wireless Fender Mustang Pro-Guitar Controller is priced at $149.99 USD. The Rock Band 3 Squier Stratocaster, which functions as real guitar and video game controller, will likely be much more expensive.


Whether the DLC price premium seems fair to you, Rock Band consumer, is up to you, but charting all those notes seems time-intensive, laborious work. DeGooyer says that not every song compatible with Rock Band 3 will feature a Pro Mode option, but that Harmonix and MTV will "retroactively put Pro Mode into" select songs that have already been released via DLC.

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