The list of achievements is out for NBA Jam's Xbox 360 version, which is free for download with a one-use code included in NBA Elite 11 (also for the PS3). Three of them deal with buzzer beaters.

Xbox 360 Achievements posted the list; a trophies breakdown for the PS3 version is not yet available. NBA Jam is also coming in an achievement-free Wii version that features a "Remix Tour" mode, with boss battles, that the other two consoles won't get. The games are all available Oct. 5.

Raw Rookie (10)
Play an online ranked match

First Time for Everything (10)
Win an online ranked match

Rolling (10)
Win online ranked matches

Start to Finish (20)
Win an online ranked match while leading after each quarter

Clean Sheet (20)
Win a Classic or Remix game without letting the opposing team score

Too Late (20)
Go up for a game winning dunk only to have time expire while in mid-air

From Downtown (20)
Score 50% of your team's points while only shooting three pointers

Iron Will (20)
Break the backboard in a Classic or Remix game with an alley oop!

Finger Roll (20)
Make 5 layups in a row without getting blocked

Mojo (20)
Win a game with a layup buzzer beater

He's on Fire! (20)
Hit a buzzer beater while on fire

Burning (10)
Keep yourself or your teammate on fire until it exhausts by making 5 or more unanswered baskets

NBA Jam Achievements [Xbox 360]