Pascal Eggert, gun nut and currently artist at Crysis developers Crytek, got his job doing what he loves: designing firearms for video games.

Some of you may think he's crazy, but I think having someone onboard who is so into his shit that he designs not only a weapon's appearance but its inner mechanics as well is an asset to any developer.


These shots showcase some of his concept work - which he says "were basically an application for the job" - with guns that transform, fire futuristic ammunition and just generally look like things that you would want to pick up and shoot stuff with in a video game.

They weren't designed for Crysis 2, so don't go expecting them to show up in that game (though who knows, they might!), but future Crytek games should benefit from his obsessive touch.

You can see more pics and technical diagrams of his work at Pascal's site below.

iPeg [Pascal Eggert, via Fidgit]