These six images show what looks a lot like an Ocarina of Time remake for the new Nintendo 3DS.

They're available via a workaround on Nintendo's E3 press site. Curiously, no announcement was made of the game during the company's E3 press conference. Maybe it was being saved for later, like Zelda Wii was last year?


It might be an upcoming game, it might be an unused tech demo, we don't know. As soon as we do, we'll update you. Until then, enjoy the screenshots!

UPDATE 1 - Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto, showing the "game" off to media during a later briefing, says at this stage it's just a tech demo, but that it may well be developed into a full release at a later date.

UPDATE 2 - Seemingly contradicting this, Nintendo of America's official Twitter account later posted "We're proud to introduce The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D!". Exciting, but we'll take Miyamoto's word over that of a Nintendo of America PR rep.

UPDATE 3 - Gallery updated to include better-quality images.