This July a new DSi XL color will be making its way to the US. That color is "Midnight Blue".

The new DSi XL color will join its bronze and burgundy brethren on American store shelves. Earlier this month, Nintendo revealed three new DSi XL colors for Japan: Yellow, Blue and Green.

Midnight Blue appears to be the same color.

In Japan, however, the DSi XL will have its price cut in Japan from ÂĄ20,000 (USD$220) to ÂĄ18,000 (USD$195). The DSi will also see a drop, from ÂĄ18,900 (USD$200) to ÂĄ15,000 (USD$165). And the DS Lite? It's recommended price goes from ÂĄ16,800 goes to "open".


In the US, the Nintendo DSi XL is priced at US$189, which is what it was priced at when it launched in the US this past spring.

Next week, Nintendo is expected to introduced its Nintendo DS successor, the Nintendo 3DS.