God of War: Chains of Olympus
This game is no joke, an action-packed bloody-violent God of War game somehow made for the PSP but as satisfying as the bigger PS2 God of Wars. A showpiece for the system.
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Loco Roco 2
The adorable Loco Roco series is in some ways the anti-PSP series, a wonderful diversion into rolling and jumping, set to sing-song jingles and starring a bunch of blobs you can merge into one bigger, cuter, bouncier blob.

Somehow, Rockstar Games managed to fit a 3D GTA into the PSP — and did it twice. The controls will take some getting used to, but the reward with Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories is a return to a fan-favorite alternate version of Miami, ready for your rampage.

Half-Minute Hero
It's a send-up to 16-big Japanese role-playing games, except you only have 30 seconds to go from zero to world-saving hero. There are ways outside that time-limit, sort of, but, well, trust us and read more about it. Read Kotaku's Half-Minute Hero Review

It's more than a trippy rave version of Tetris, it's one of the best falling-block puzzle games ever made. Simple, addictive, endlessly entertaining.

This remake of the original Mega Man adds to the NES classic with a level editor, two new evil Robot Masters and a cute overhaul, perfect for younger gamers and older fans with fond mega-memories.

WipEout Pure
This was the first WipEout game for the PSP and still many people's favorite, a blazingly fast and stylish successor to the great PSOne franchise, bolstered with some nice extra downloadable tracks.

Patapon 2
Use the PSP's buttons like drums to encourage a marching army of cute Patapon fighters to charge into danger or — if you change the tune — retreat, call for a miracle rain shower, or other smart moves. Read Kotaku's Patapon 2 Review.