Want to know how to get Ratchet & Clank, Kratos, and Nathan Drake figures for ModNation Racers when it hits stores on May 25? It all depends on which retailer you preorder the game from.

Don't you love retailer-exclusive preorder bonuses? Me neither, but Sony seems to enjoy them, so much so that the company is putting three of its top properties on the starting line come May 25, revealed today as the release date for the Play - Create - Share racing title for the PlayStation 3 and PSP.


Preordering ModNation Racers from GameStop will earn you the adorably furious Kratos racer. Putting your money down at Amazon allows you to race as either Ratchet or his robot buddy Clank. Finally, Best Buy preorders earn a ride with Uncharted's Nathan Drake in his jungle jeep.

While you're struggling with that decision, perhaps it will help when we tell you that each preorder regardless of store receives a mystery mod package, pictures (somewhat) here, with new accessories to outfit your racer and vehicle. In true vinyl toy fashion, you won't know which you're getting until you open the box and enter the code. Exciting!

Now, who's preordering from where?