Cryptic just couldn't resist using the Borg as its first big content update for Star Trek Online. After all, nothing can move the Borg! Wait, that's not right.

The Borg are the best at what they do, and what they do isn't pretty. Having recovered after the Voyager crew somehow dealt them a severe blow, in 2409 the Borg are back to full strength, and it's up to the players of Star Trek Online to take them down. The Borg update will add a bunch of high-end content to Star Trek Online, with missions including:

• The Cure - A planet has been completely taken over by the Borg. Fight them for control of the planet.
• Khitomer Accord - Travel back in time and uncover and participate in the events that led to the release of old Borg you encountered in the Tutorial Episode.
• Into the Hive - Track down a missing Starfleet captain and come face to face with the new Borg Queen.


The new Borg Queen? She was a bad idea in Star Trek: First Contact. Does a horrible idea become better with time?

The Borg - no one can eat just one.

Check out the latest screens below, including one of an all-powerful entity that Ben Sisko once punched right in the face.