Impertinent remarks - calling Sony's motion controller "Arc" and the ESRB's bluntly accurate description of the activities in Dead or Alive: Paradise - highlighted our front page this week. Dante's Inferno sneaked in underneath it. Our original news coverage:

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What's Happened To Nintendo's "New Play Control"?

Reviews, Previews, Hands-On and Impressions
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Tournament of Legends Preview: Two-Fisted Combat
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Blood Bowl Review: No Fun League
Glory of Heracles Review: A Forgetful Adventure
Brothers In Arms 2: Global Front Preview: Back To FPS
MAG Review: World of Shadow Warcraft
No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle Review: Repetitious Rebel

Speak-Up On Kotaku: Press Start, Men Of Repo, Game Prices, And Avatar Effect 2

Romance With Disabled Girls: How (And Maybe Why) An Unusual Video Game Came To Be

I Will Now Attempt To Explain A Battle System
Mario Vs Mario: How Three Wii Sequels Are Chasing Their Predecessors
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Better Scores: Musical Selections For Your Next Game Video
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Yup, Final Fantasy XIII Is Coming On Three Discs
This Game Guide Cover Gets To The Points
Namco Bandai To Cut Over 600 Jobs
Nier Dated For Japan
The Cutest PSP Bundle Of 2010
Quantum Theory Delayed To "Improve Quality"
On The iPhone, GT May Not Stand For Gran Turismo
Raven (and I) Need You!
iPhone Chart Toppers: X Games and Spore Creatures Hit
Xbox 360 Controller/Game Bundle, 250GB Drive Hit Japan

Star Trek Week
Why There Hasn't Been A Truly Great Star Trek Game
The Star Trek Influence In Your Games
Phasers Set to Fun
Star Trek MMO Log, Stardate 2010.02
As The World Becomes Star Trek ...
Building The Perfect Star Trek Frankengame
Memories of Strange New Worlds, Strange New Ideas

2K's NBA Team Steals Key Player Back from EA
UFC Undisputed Sells 3.5 Million
Stick Jockey: The Replacements, Still Replaced in Video Games

Art and Video Games
John Romero Bows Before Gaming's Masters
Finding The Art In Video Games

Commander Shepard's Toughest Choice Yet

Nobody Noticed DJ Ravidrums in this Pic
Death of A Wii

2010 Life Love Game Design Challenge Offers $2.5K Prize