Nintendo hasn't confirmed a Wii $199.99 price drop yet, but seems like Sony has, as an anonymous tipster sends us an alleged price comparison chart from a Best Buy event going on in Missouri.

Kansas City, Missouri, to be exact, where a Sony representative was instructing store representatives on the relative values of the three consoles, making note of the Xbox 360's optional wireless adapter and pay-to-play online and the Wii's limited-capabilities and $199 price tag. Did you know that the PlayStation 3 has a Blu-ray drive and the other two consoles don't? You did? Oh. Well maybe the Best Buy people didn't.


The clock is ticking, and the proof is definitely building up. Will Nintendo announce a price cut before the week is out, or will it be a surprise? Will it happen at all?

We've requested comment from both Sony and Nintendo regarding both the presentation and the price cut, but we've yet to receive a response.


UPDATE: A sony representative contacted us to let us know that the presentation was only giving perspective based on a speculative price for the Wii.