Wanna see a horde of burning Teletubbies? Wanna hear them coo "la-la!" while their limbs are blown off? Would you relish seeing a dozen waddle over to a pipe bomb, then vanish in a red mist? Damn right, you do.

This is yet another masterpiece put together by L4DMods - with credit to modder flameknight7. All of the common infected have been replaced with the characters from the hair-rendingly infantile children's television series, just begging you to take out all that pent-up aggression.


Love the level-end sound. "Where have the Teletubbies gone?" Straight back to the bloody pus-covered maw of hell that spawned them, lady. Courtesy of Zoe.

Left 4 Teletubbies: Even the Teletubbies Have Been Infected [L4DMods]