Not to brag, but the biggest change in your life this week had to be the new commenting structure, amirite? Starred or not, editing capabilities means no more humiliating typos or icky oops-was-that-my-out-loud-voice moments.

After bestowing such begged-for powers, and others not even demanded, we did our damndest to serve up some stories worthy of enhanced debate. A.J. visited Ubinintendo 2009 and came back with previews of Red Steel 2 and six other games. Stephen delved into the vinyl to decode BioShock 2's swag and took an axe swing at Brütal Legend. Fahey dropped in a timely discussion of humor, especially that of the classic adventure games that LucasArts is now rereleasing on Steam. And the Summer of Gaming rolls on. Here's the week in Original reporting:


The Legendary Star(fy) Commenters
Kotaku Comments Get Star Power, Edit Option, Tiering

Previews, Reviews, Impressions and Hands-On
Five Things You Need To Know About Champions Online
Half-Minute Hero Preview: Don't Blink And Miss It
The Saboteur Impressions: A New Way To Kill Nazis
Brutal Legend Preview: The Game That Ripped My Jeans Leg
Seek N Spell Impressions
Doom Resurrection Micro-Review: What In The Sam Hell
Shadow Complex Impressions: Metroidvania Made Unreal
Frankenreview: Call Of Juarez: Bound In Blood
Aion Preview: Onward Towards Ascension
Academy of Champions Preview: It's Harry Potter But With Soccer And Sam Fisher
Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood Review: A Fistful of Accolades
C.O.P. The Recruit Preview: If Only Becoming A Police Officer Were So Easy
Shaun White Snowboarding World Stage Preview: Snow In Summer
TMNT Smash-Up Preview: Will The Real April O'Neil Please Stand Up?
Rabbids Go Home Preview: Rabbids Go In Your Wiimote
Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes Preview: The Might Of Mana… and Puzzles
Red Steel 2 Preview: Whack-tastic Fun

Coming Attractions
Forza 3 Will Deliver Nearly Limitless Online Multiplayer Variety
Game & Watch Titles Coming To DSi Ware
Two New Maps, Two New Weapons For Killzone 2
Think Of Dragon Age As A Massively Single-Player RPG
What's On The BioShock 2 Record
LucasArts' Rereleases Classics on Steam

You Too Can Experience The Dragon Quest IX Launch!
Novel, Write Thyself
Why It's Hard To Make Today's Games Funny
My Pirate, My Friend

Summer of Gaming
Kotaku's 2009 Summer Playing List
When The Best Part of The Beach Is The Arcade

Giant Gundam Statue, Now In PlayStation Home
Warner Bros. Now Owns Midway, Mortal Kombat
Look! People Lining Up For DQIX
One Weird Wii Control Scheme
Notebook Dump: Modern Warfare Wii, Shadow Complex iPhone, And A Sleeping Man
Tales Of Vesperia PS3 Also Getting Skimpy Swimwear
That Transformers Achievement Works Differently Than Presumed
LucasArts Hopes To Turn Old Into Gold With Adventure Games
Peggle Gives Away World of Warcraft-Themed Game
Monster Hunter Sets PSP Record In Japan
PSN To Offer Comics (Well, Manga)
The Transformers Xbox Achievement We Didn't Expect To Earn [UPDATE]
New Nintendo Release Exacerbates Lefty Gamers' Lament
Who Needs Nintendo Chiptunes When You've Got Sega Rock?
The King of Fighters XII Gets A New Release Date For Japan
PC Sales Charts: ArmA II vs The Sims
Decepticon Owners Turn Tables On Autobot Gamers
Video Games Used As Shorthand In New Movie Trailers
Pay-Per-P Pricing Fading From Xbox Video Marketplace?
You Don't Have As Many PS2 Games As This Guy