E3 week delivered a deluge of stories, previews, impressions, hands-on, live blogs and well, just coverage, but that doesn't mean the flood stops here.

Let's recap a mammoth news week - more than 250 posts on E3, nearly 100 of them classified grade-A originals - but remember much more is on the way. Probably another week's worth of E3 coverage is in the works, some of it the best stuff the team gathered down in L.A.


Since much of originals deals with E3, rather than linkdump you to death, we'll direct you to this comprehensive roundup . After that you'll see the highlights - the pressers, the live blogs, the big announcements and, of course, the booth babes.

I'll be manning the ship for the next 48 hours. Let's have a big hand for the our on-site team of Stephen, Crecente, Fahey, and McWhertor (edit: and Plunkett, I swear I am not anti-Australasian) all of whom have probably gone into hibernation by the time you read this, but they'll be back for more on Monday.

Kotaku's Complete Coverage of E3 2009

The Big 3 Pressers
Sony's E3 Announcements
Microsoft's E3 Round-Up: Day One
Nintendo's E3 Announcements
E3's Unmentionables: What Microsoft, Nintendo & Sony Forgot To Say

The Big 3 Live Blogs
Sony's E3 Expo Live Blog
Microsoft's E3 Expo Live Blog
Nintendo's E3 Expo Live Blog

PSP Go Hands-On Impressions
PSP Go Hands-On Video
PSP Go is Officially $249
Portable Size-Off: How the PSP Go Measures Up
Sony Is Working on a UMD Solution for PSP Go

Microsoft Makes You The Motion Controller With Project Natal
Microsoft: Project Natal Can Support Multiple Players, See Fingers

Metroid: Other M
New Metroid Game Announced: Metroid Other M
Will Team Ninja Take The Slutty Route With Samus?
Nintendo: New Metroid Is NOT Metroid Dread

Booth Babes
Sometimes, You're Just In The Right Place At The Right Time
E3's Lone Porn Star Is Eyeing a Wii
Bayonetta Girl Is Not Cosplay, She Is Art
Red Hair, Short Shorts, Dead Eyes: E3 Booth Babes Return
Yes Virginia, Booth Babes Do Exist

Tim Schafer Responds To Activision's Brutal Legend Lawsuit
Nintendo Thinks Conan O'Brien Mario Homage Is "Great"
Red DSi Hitting Japan This Summer
Nintendo Selling Black Wii in Japan This Summer
Is 1 vs 100's Participation Capped? (Updated)
Please Pardon My Face
Street Fighter Online Goes Offline
Crysis 2 Is Announced, Multi-Platform
What The Hell Happened To Sam Fisher's Haircut?