While the passing of 3D Realms may be sad, the flood of behind-the-scenes peeks at Duke Nukem Forever helps to fill the void, warming one's heart with character art, renders and gameplay footage. And strippers.

The latest batch of potentially NSFW Duke Nukem Forever "leaks" shows off the work of 3D artist Mark Skelton. He's clearly capable of rendering a lovely looking stripper (or exotic dancer, if you prefer) in the Duke Nukem style. His MILF-modeling prowess isn't too shabby either. Hey, his words, not mine.


Joining Skelton in the posthumous release of 3D Realms hard work is character artist Randy Forsyth. He too appears skilled at the polygonal sculpting of the female form, albeit in a more schoolgirl-like way.

There's some great-looking stuff in here, the stuff we'd hope eventually sees the light of day. Thanks to Mr. Breadtruck for the tip off.