June can't come fast enough and EA sees fit to rub it in by dumping yet more Sims 3 screens on us. This set details the wants and desires that make up a Sim's Lifetime Wish.

Sims develop Lifetime Wishes based on what personality traits you grant them. A Sneaky, Evil Sim will be more likely to have a Lifetime Wish of becoming a Master Thief or a CEO of a Mega Corporation, for example. Fulfilling a Lifetime Wish scores the player all kind of perks that you used to be able to buy — such as the Teleportation Pad — plus some handy new ones like the Steel Bladder or a gardening perk that lets you develop a recipe for Ambrosia (which keeps your Sim eternally young).


Me? I'm looking forward to crafting a Sim with the Fertility bonus and that Ambrosia recipe so she can people the town with her undying spawn.

Screen here: