Case Logic just dropped samples of their brand new DS and Playstation Portable cases on my doorstep and so far they seem to be just what the doctor ordered.

Unlike every other bit of electronics I own, I want my portable gaming machines to be in no-nonsense cases. I'm not really sure why that is, but I've had quite a time of it finding something that did the trick.


Case Logic seems to be shooting for inexpensive and frill-free, which I'm totally down with.

The PSP and DS EVA Game Cases are hard EVA cases with a single mesh pocket for storing games or accessories, an interior strap to hold your console in place and a zipper. Both sell for $18 and come in black, blue or red.

The PSP Media Organizer is a foldable bit of neoprene that can store six UMD discs. A silicon band keeps the organizer closed. The DS version is essentially the same, but holds eight cartridges. Both sell for $10.


The PSP and DS Neoprene Game Cases are my favorite of the lot. They're form fitting and each come with a holder to carry a few extra games as well. Both of those sell for $15.

Fortunately, none of these cases come with one of those plasticky bits of crap that fit over your console forcing you to keep the case on during play sessions. (I'm looking at your DS).