"Mortal Kombat killer" Lamar Roberts will not be going to trial after all, having now plead guilty to child abuse and recklessly causing the death of seven-year-old Zoe Garcia late last year.

Roberts and his girlfriend Heather Trujillo, Zoe's half-sister, were both charged in the incident, in which Lamar allegedly acted out moves from the Mortal Kombat series, using the seven-year-old as his opponent. Trujillo was sentenced back in July, receiving an 18-year suspended sentence and six years in a youth offender program as part of a plea bargain.

Roberts had previously plead not-guilty to the charges in August, but has now entered a guilty plea in advance of the scheduled January 12th trial date. Instead he will now be sentenced on January 16th.


Man pleads guilty in 'Mortal Kombat' beating death [Rocky Mountain News]