What's this? A Team Fortress 2 update?! Oh goodie! The official TF2 blog finally gets an update, foretelling of incoming changes to the multiplayer game, something Spies and Engineers should definitely take note of.

Valve's Robin Walker writes that all of the Engineer's structures will soon be upgradeable and that Spies will be able to replenish their invisibility juice by picking up ammo. Neat!


Walker also gives us a heads up that the Scout will be the next class to get serious revisions, that those TF2 updates for the Xbox 360 version of The Orange Box are still coming and that Source engine improvements implemented in Left 4 Dead will soon be added to TF2. That reminds me. I should go play TF2 and blow off the rest of the work day.

Hey good job, there, hardhat [Team Fortress Blog - thanks, Mike!]