After laying out all of the stuff we gave away at Funde Razor last night, many of you pointed out that you wanted stuff too. And I totally understand, because who doesn't want more stuff?

So as promised here's what I have planned as our final giveaway for the year. I like to call it the Be A Kotaku Editor For the Day contest.


We're going to give one lucky gamer a chance to hang out in the (virtual) Kotaku Tower for a day, take part in one of our video podcasts, get yelled out for slacking off and maybe even write a post or two that will be published on the site under their byline.

While we won't be paying you (welcome to game journalism), we will be dumping a pretty sweet schwag bag on you, because nothing says games journalism more than a free keychain and XL T-shirt.

What are we giving away? I'm glad you asked:

The lucky winner will receive:

A World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King Collector's Edition box set
A stupid little sheep cellphone do-hickie
A piece of Penny Arcade Adventures art
A Vault Dweller's Survival Guide
A Street Fighter IV pin set from TGS
A Namco Bandai business card holder and keychain
A Metal Slug 7 dog tag
A set of Metal Gear Solid binoculars in a case
And a really freakin' awesome Mega Man 9 t-shirt.


I'm not positive yet how I will be giving this out, but I'll let you know tomorrow with a winner to be announced at the end of the month.