Nintendo of America has launched the North American version of its customer rewards program known as Club Nintendo. Don't get as excited as we did — there's little more than placeholder information there.

No, there are no snazzy Mario hats or hanafuda cards decorated with Mushroom Kingdom royalty, just a heads up that Club Nintendo exists and is "coming soon." In addition to something to bookmark, it gives us a tiny bit more detail on the workings of North American version of the program.

The Club Nintendo web site describes the program like so:

* Earn Coins for registering Nintendo products and completing surveys
* Redeem Coins for limited edition Rewards
* Earn a set amount of Coins each year to gain Gold and Platinum status
* Create a Family Account and invite members of your family to join
* Register your newly purchased Wii console or Nintendo DS on Club Nintendo and extend your warranty


Sounds similar to the Japanese version of Club Nintendo, which we'd say is a good thing. We're still expecting (read: hoping) the program will launch this year and that the ESRB rating the Club Nintendo-exclusive Game & Watch Collection for the Nintendo DS was not in vain.

Club Nintendo of America [Nintendo - thanks, Brian!]