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Mirror's Edge In Motion

EA Dice revealed this new teaser video for their parkour inspired game Mirror's Edge today at the Sony PlayStation Day in London, and the game looks even better in motion that it does in still life. That this woman can manage all of this acrobatics and still shoot a guy while falling backwards without blowing off her crotch is simply amazing to me. I just hope there's an option to turn off the breathing noises, as I could see that getting extremely annoying within a couple hours minutes of gameplay.


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@slickchris7777: I believe it's in-game footage, or some of the animations would be cleaner.

Anyway, I've been waiting for some video of this game for (what feels like) a long-ass time. Looks awesome and fun and a very likely purchase at this point. But I'll probably read some reviews...

Even Portal (don't get me wrong, <3 Portal) had you playing over the barrel of a gun. It's great to see something else done with the first person perspective.

Also, @ ichiban1081: she reminds you of your ex? Jealousy and pity is a heady mix of emotions to have for a fellow poster.