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Kid Icarus Wii May Look Like This (But We Hope Not)

Illustration for article titled Kid Icarus Wii May Look Like This (But We Hope Not)

Gaming site Kombo got themselves a nice exclusive today in the form of purported concept art from Factor 5, artwork that was reportedly used in a pitch to Nintendo for a potential Kid Icarus game for the Wii. According to Kombo, the Lair and Rogue Squadron developer is actively pursuing a Wii entry in the series—a long touted rumor—but that Nintendo hasn't officially committed to the project. The above image is just one of many pieces of artwork said to be from a new-gen Kid Icarus game and there are many proposed looks. One things for sure—each and every design will probably make you feel like your flying too close to the sun, eyes first.


Exclusive: "Kid" Icarus Wii Concept Artwork Revealed [Kombo]

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Foxstar loves Bashcraft

Factor 5 needs to stay the fuck away from my Kid Icarus and learn to make a Star Wars Game that does not have a Hoth Level, a trench run Death Star Level, shitty foot missions or forced motion controls from them.

The Brawl model is perfect and Nintendo needs to do it in house or farm it out to someone loyal and how can do a viable platformer, because Factor 5 isn't it.