Capcom Remind Us How Awesome SFII GI Joe Figures Were

I'm not entirely sold on Street Fighter IV yet, and I'm incredibly wary of the upcoming GI Joe movie, so it's nice to be able to take both franchises and go back in time to a simpler, happier time. Like these commercials for the short-lived line of Street Fighter II GI Joe figures, featuring some of the original title's more memorable heroes and all four of its bad guys. Capcom's blog call it a "study in fail", but really, we're going to butt heads on this. "What's a Dhalsim?" Genius. This weekend's goal is to use that as many times as possible. "Sir, today's specials are-" "WHAT'S A DHALSIM?"

[via Capcom]

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The Street Fighter movie looks better and better. The thing I liked best about those action figure commercials was always the hands pushing the cars. It looked so stupid. No wonder I wasn't a huge action figure fan as a kid.