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Third Parties Were So "Confused" By PS3

Illustration for article titled Third Parties Were So Confused By PS3

Once upon a time, the PLAYSTATION 3 was not a game console. A Blu-ray player! An home entertainment hub! It was a super computer! A... Sony Computer Entertainment honcho Kaz Hirai explains:

I think there was some confusion as to what PS3 was initially — some of the third parties didn’t understand and they wanted to scale back a little and see how things went before they really put in their resources... But when I re-positioned the PS3 as a video games console at Tokyo Game Show I think everybody got that message loud and clear.


While removing backwards compatibility was shitty of Kaz, driving home the point that the PS3 is a game machine first and foremost was quite smart. That's why they pay him the big bucks!
Confusing [MCVUK] [Pic]

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Okay stop the horses, since when was the ps3 a blu-ray player first then game console second?

That sounds alot like the argument used against the ps2 back in the day.

You see, sony wouldn't have put in the graphical and processing power they did if the thing wasn't a game console first and foremost. If it was movie player then console it would play like a CD-i.

As for the games not being any good, they have 50 games over 80% at metacritic, which isn't too shabby. And thats mostly just first gen games, we are just now seeing the second gen ones hitting the shelves with stuff like gta 4 and mgs4.

As for exclusives, the lists look good so far, and we've still not seen the annoucements for E3 and other fall games.