Muzyka: Mass Effect Sex Scene Validates Games As Art

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BioWare CEO Ray Muzyka sounded off to CVG recently about the "SeXbox" controversy centered on Mass Effect, calling it an "interesting experience," and sticking by video games as an art form:

It's very tasteful, but it is an emotionally intense scene, and there's a number of similarly emotional scenes in the game, not just romances but across the board - different relationships between characters.

I see videogames as an art form, and they're an emergent art form. They're a commercial art form, but they're still art regardless. And the good thing I think is the fact that people are talking about that kind of scene; it had an impact on them.

It proves that videogames are an art form and proves that Mass Effect is an innovator in that. It's in some ways leading the way and willing to push the envelope a little bit and actually deliver stuff that's really compelling.


During the interview, Muzyka also talks about "big plans" for DLC on both Xbox 360 and PC, discussing an "all about quality" philosophy for add-ons that he says will incorporate fan feedback.

Interview: CEO Ray Muzyka talks Mass Effect PC [CVG]

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Still calling video games art.. geez. I for some reason used to agree with this statement a little bit.

I don't anymore. I would not just call a video game art.

What I would call a video game is a visual virtual interactive story. V.V.I.S. for short. Which is normally set on a narrow linear path. Art you can only look at. But a video game you can interact and control your destiny. Or.. rather some helpless character set in a virtual world.