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Kojima: "Metal Gear Solid 4 is Complete"

Illustration for article titled Kojima: Metal Gear Solid 4 is Complete

What Konami event would be complete without a healthy dose of Metal Gear Solid 4? And a healthy dose it was! After a short talk about the series in which Kojima proudly announced "Metal Gear Solid 4 is Complete" we watched as he played through the first forty-five minutes of the game which, while fascinating, was a bit lengthy given the time of night and the non air conditioned room.


During the announcements we were told about the PS3 MGS4 bundle which has been confirmed to contain a gunmetal gray PS3 with matching Dual Shock 3 controller and the MGS4 limited edition version of the game. Once the gameplay started we were treated to the most fantastic MGS news of the evening, a brand new secret weapon. CAUTION: If you make the jump you will hear about this new secret weapon. If you don't want to know about it, read no further!

The secret weapon revealed was the Tanegashima gun, a mythological Japanese weapon that causes massive destruction. The gun was of an older variety and the crowd got quite a laugh watching Snake go through the rather detailed routine of loading the gun, tamping the shot down and getting it ready to fire. Once it was ready though, it was something quite unlike I had ever seen. Shooting into the crowd with it causes a huge whirlwind of a tornado that knocks huge groups of enemies out and spreads copious amounts of ammo out all over the place allowing you to run around and gather your stores for later.But, such things come at a price and the Tanegashima is by far the most expensive weapon in the game, so be sure to save your pennies!


Seeing the reaction in the room when these things were shown was enough to convince me that MGS 4 is set to be the PS3s first real system seller. It also leaves me feeling that June 12 just can't come fast enough.

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Starting June 12th, EVERY 80GB PS3 sold will come with a Dual Shock and the regular version of MGS4.