The Conduit: About Damn Time

IGN got a trailer for "The Conduit," up yesterday. The Wii FPS is being developed by High Voltage Software and it still needs a publisher who wants to take a risk on a darker, edgier title for the family console.

"Deathmatch Authorized," ... "About damn time." Is that a message? Maybe someone's getting a little impatient?

The Conduit: Videos [IGN, thanks reader Mark L.]

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Count me interested. Reminds me of a really cool, average game for the N64 where you had to shoot aliens that looked like these or out of starhip Troopers

It was Armorines: Porject S.W.A.R.M:


I had fun with it, regardless.

The end setnces sounds like online DM hint to me... so this has no publisher? With the tons of shovelware out there, theres gotta be soemone who wants to make money of a good FPS on the Wii, no!?

Publishers, take note: My €s for you, pick this up!