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Analysts Predict Big, Big May On Wii Fit U.S. Launch

Illustration for article titled Analysts Predict Big, Big May On Wii Fit U.S. Launch

Apparently, $1.23 billion in U.S. sales is a disappointment, from a Wall Street perspective, as Reuters reports that April's reported take sent video game stocks downward. Software sales only seeing 68% growth from the previous year? Unacceptable! Merely $654.7 million in software? Sell, sell, sell!


May, however, could bring much bigger numbers with the release of Wii Fit—and maybe some of that Grand Theft Auto IV run-off—projected to increase 160% on the software side says Kaufman Bros. analyst Todd Mitchell. If we're looking at May 2007 numbers, that means we may see software sales alone top $712 million. Still chump change, but at least we're making progress.

Hardware dollars are expected to double, which makes us wonder just how amazingly fit this country will be by bikini season.


Bears hunt video game stocks [Reuters]

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twesterms 2nd


Hey, it's all opinions.

There's no reason to call Wii Fit a bad game because you don't like it or don't get it. Like I said above, I think the Metal Gear series is boring as sin but I'm still not going to mock people or call the game bad simply because I don't like it.

Personally, I'm excited about Wii Fit. I'm already part of a gym (and I have playing DS while working out) but I like the idea of using Wii Fit at home. I also like how it keeps track of your stats and progress. All in all, I'm just excited about it.

Also, gyms range anywhere from $30-60 a month so if anything I would save money if I just got Wii Fit. ;-)