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Those Platinum Games Games Will Have Sequels

Illustration for article titled Those Platinum Games Games Will Have Sequels

Like what you've seen so far from Platinum Games? Good, because bet your ass there's going to be more. Sequels, even. Let's let SEGA American boss Simon Jeffery explain it:

So these franchises will be built over a long term. What we've seen today is the starting point, but all of those games — Bayonetta, MADWORLD, Infinite Line — won't be one-offs. They're all uniquely different enough from everything in their space to build complete franchises out of. The whole foundation of Platinum Games is built around that long-term strategy. They don't just want to make a quick buck and throw out a few games. They've been in the business long enough to know what works, and they really want to pretty much establish themselves as gaming gods.


That's good to know! Right after purchases these upcoming titles, we can looking forward to purchasing the inevitable sequels. Though, not sure how we feel hearing that from SEGA and all — especially because SEGA does own these IPs. You saw what they did to Sonic, right? Right?!

Sega Brass Talk Platinum Games [GameSpot] [Pic]

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If the guy from Madworld Makes it into the Next Sega Superstars Tennis game, I would love to see how fouls work out. How do you call a foul on a hommicidal man with a chainsaw for a hand.... you don't.

Anyway I don't know if this is good or bad news really.I think they should just focus on the games at hand and if a sequil is warranted, then proceed.