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Young Males *Heart* PS3, Young Females *Heart* Wii

Illustration for article titled Young Males *Heart* PS3, Young Females *Heart* Wii

Data time! The PS3 gets the highest rating in online community Habbo's Global Youth Survey. Almost 60,000 young people worldwide between the ages of 11 and 18 rated the three game consoles. Which one got the best marks? 69 percent said the PS3 was either "great" or "good", while 64 percent said the same about the Wii and 58 percent about the Xbox 360. What's more, the PS3 was ahead in every age group save for the 11 to 12 year-olds, where the Wii reigned suprieme. Points out marketing guru Emmi Kuusikko:

The results of this survey are interesting as it gives us an insight into which brands these teens aspire to, as the level of ownership does not correspond to the consoles' popularity...By order of ownership, the Wii leads, followed by the Xbox 360 and PS3... As Sony and Xbox strive to broaden their consoles' appeal, from hardcore to casual gamer, the results of the survey seem to indicate that gender, not previous gaming experience, determines console choice. Regardless of their level of interest towards gaming, boys prefer the PS3 and girls prefer the Wii.


What does that mean for the Xbox 360?

Youth Survey Says [Digital Spy] [Pic]

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Yeah... A specialized site for 1 demographic, giving advice based on a sample that is by definition limited, trying to pretend they are the majority.

As someone who is legally able to drink, vote and play any and all of the GTA series... This entire survey is bunk.