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Age Of Conan Is Funcom's Smoothest MMO Launch Ever

Illustration for article titled Age Of Conan Is Funcoms Smoothest MMO Launch Ever

Yes yes I know, that's a rather cheap shot right there, but having played Funcom's other MMO Anarchy Online on and off for several years I am entitled. Age of Conan is now up and running, and despite some extended server downtime over the early morning hours that had a certain Kotaku writer falling asleep in his computer chair waiting for the game to come up (*cough*) things are running particularly smoothly. There are bugs, to be sure, and some folks are experiencing random freezes now and again, but for the most part the servers are full of aggressively helpful beta testers and early release players giving the newbies helpful tips in that borderline prick fashion all early players seem to slip into upon release.


Word in the OOC channel indicates that between the beta test and the game launch, the devs at Funcom worked some kind of programming magic, resulting in a game that runs much better than it did mere weeks before.

My early thoughts on the game, pre-full impressions? I'd definitely recommend you try out the game if you are looking for something a bit more mature and visceral in your MMO diet. It's's's Conan.

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I pray that this still comes out on the 360 as that is my only bastion of hope to play this. I check the system specs on my computer to see if i could even run this on the most minimal of settings and i failed horribly.

And i'v been looking forward to this since day 1...