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Gears Of War Redux Coming Next Month

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If you're one of the folks late to the Gears of War party, you may want to hold tight just a little big longer before investing. GameStop is now taking pre-orders for a cheaper, more feature filled edition of the Xbox 360 mega-hit, now at a $39.99 USD price point that should appeal to cheap ass gamers(TM) and drum up extra hype for Gears of War 2. Details are scarce, but it appears that the reissue will at least contain content previously available as DLC. We've contacted Microsoft to find out more about the new package, but have yet to hear back.


Gears of War With Maps [GameStop via NeoGAF]

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Hope its the PC version repacked for the Xbox. That gigantic tank thingy fight (I forgot that particular Locust's name...) was awesome.