An Even Fancier Bape DS Lite

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The Bathing Ape/Nintendo collaboration on a limited run of DS consoles was a popular one. No, actually, not popular. Crazy popular. So one can only imagine the fervour Japanese collectors are going to whip themselves into for this: a gold one. Yes, same console, same print, just this time, it's gold, which is the universal symbol for "betterer and more expensive". Get a good look at it, because you'll never own one. Ever.

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大好評☆毎日開催!!プレミアムオークション☆ [Cliffedge, via Hypebeast]


Wow, the price people will pay for a logo. You know, most of our parents probably wouldn't have even bought something like a shirt with prominent logo plastering when they were kids. They've sure got us trained well now...

It must be some kind of celebrity worship? Like, just being officially adorned with a symbol that represents such a well known... corporate entity will more than double the cost of something. That's crazy! It makes sense to have brand loyalty when you consistently get a superior product, but this is... a Nintendo DS with Bape paint and box.

It may seem dull being a stick in the mud like this, but if you don't always blow loads of cash on complete intangibles you don't even have to go into debt... really. And I spend loads on games and distractions, but having Marios and apes pasted on my DS wouldn't make it several times as fun.