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Variety Tries Dating Street Fighter IV

Illustration for article titled Variety Tries Dating Street Fighter IV

Since we don't know when Street Fighter IV's getting released, Variety's game blog The Cut Scene offers up guesstimation when the game is coming out. And hey! It's a pretty obvious, albeit logical, one. According to the Cut Scene:

Here's a wild guess: Variety recently reported that Fox will release the "Street Fighter" movie in the U.S. on Feb. 27, 2009. I'd say right around then makes a lot of sense.

Not only is that a big promotional event for the franchise, but Capcom is an investor in the movie. While I'm sure it hopes to make money on the film, it's obviously investing those millions in part to try and revive public interest in "Street Fighter." As such, Capcom would be crazy to not take advantage of the big (by videogame standards) promotional push Fox will be putting behind the release of "Street Fighter: the Legend of Chun-Li" and have its game on store shelves at the same time.

If by some chance Capcom just can't get the game out by then, around the movie's DVD release (probably in late spring) would be the next logical time to expect it.


Makes sense! And if not spring, then late fall — just in time for Christmas.

Prolly Coming Out With Movie [The Cut Scene]

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@Spoony Bard: I see what you did there. Now I feel like playing Anniversary Collection.

@Topic: Yeah, it would be very advantageous to Capcom if they took advantage of the hype being generated from the film to promote the game, and vice-versa for the promotion of the movie by using the game. Hey, at least if the movie sucks we'll have a legitimate Street Fighter game to go home to, and not some horrible Mortal Kombat rip-off. Only question is: Will Capcom actually wait that long to release an almost completed game? Doubtful to me. Well, Even if it isn't SFIV, I'm still betting we'll be getting something special from Capcom around the time the film hits. Still can't wait for both.